Vietnam MRB has been exporting to over 20 countries within 7 years.


Vietnam MRB Co., Ltd was established in 2013. We have developed in the fields of mining, manufacturing, exporting products such as Agriculture food (Star Anise, Cinnamon – Cassia, Lotus Seed), Minerals (Calcium Carbonate, Barite Powder API). Our company has the annual output of USD10 million in 2019 and opening agents in India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Korea, Japan, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Brunei, Australia, Brazil, Europe to distribute our products in local market.

We take high quality as our responsibility to provide all customers reliable products. Every member in our team is trying to make customers feel comfortable, friendly, relax and convenient when doing business relationships with customers and to get a brilliant future in the international market together.

At the present, we got three factories in Vietnam and have built close partnerships with the most famous and biggest factories, customers from home and abroad. We shall constantly improve our product quality and service standards to satisfy our customers.


In front of new opportunities and challenges when Vietnam is an official member of WTO, the company has actively and creatively make its own development plan with general and concrete targets as follows:

General target at present, Vietnam is in the international integration period, enters economic and trade organizations in the world.  This brings Vietnam in general and VIETNAM MRB CO., LTD in particular with many new opportunities as well as challenges.  Thus, the company considers expansion and seeking market an essential thing.  Its target in next years is to maintain domestic market, upgrade its competition, raise productivity as well as export products to the foreign markets.

It can mobilizes capital  of the society to raise its competition in the market, create condition for its laborers as well as capital contributors to really own the enterprise.  It establishes advanced management method to promote effective operation of the company, provide more stable jobs, raise income for laborers and raise income for state budget.

It should develop interior power, concentrate cooperation to partners under many forms for strengthening competition capacity and power of the company.



Expand business production:


All the products are inspected before export and that are not allowed to deliver if they are unqualified. The products produced are so much favorable comment from the customers because of its stable quality, delivery in time and competitive prices.
The quantity of products for export is increasing year by year and the sort of products for business, the number of countries and customers are increasing gradually also. We export large quantities to big customers and we take middle and small size customers seriously.
For MRB’s customers, we not only guarantee quality of products but also provide with technical consultant service in product usages that help the customers to use our products correctly and bring into play sufficiently. Many of our customers solved technical problems in their production according to technical consultant service from our company.
With good reputation and service, Vietnam MRB Co., Ltd has built long – term stable co-operation with many clients since foundation.

Human resource:


Mr. Jason Nguyen – Director
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