Dating Advice for Very Tall Women by a Shorter Woman

Dating Advice for Very Tall Women by a Shorter Woman

I’m short when compared with very tall women, at 5-8, but We have some dynamite dating advice for your needs with my very unique perspective, because I’ve always wanted to be at the very least six feet tall!

Are very women that are tall at giving advice to tall women for meeting men? Many tall women do have sensational advice about meeting men.

But you want advice from another tall women who hates being tall if you’re a tall women, would?

How on earth can she allow you to? A tall woman needs input from either a very tall woman who loves being tall, or — a not-so-very tall woman who would want to be as tall as you! And that is ME!

I’m 5-8 but wish I were six feet. This is why me no further odd than a female with a bra that is b-cup who gets breast implants; a woman with brown hair who goes blonde, or a skinny woman who dreams of experiencing curves.

I were very tall , I can bring something to the table when it comes to very tall women meeting men because I wish.

Besides, when you get down seriously to it, it’s exactly about self-confidence, and any woman that is smart short, medium or tall — will know this.

Feeling diminished because “all the men like the short girls?”

Suppose “all the men” also liked the blondes. Could you feel downtrodden because you have brown or black hair rather than blonde?

Of course not! The truth that you are able to change your hair color doesn’t play into this necessarily, either.

It’s just that for some reason, when men prefer shorter women, this really eats up some tall women, because you know very well that if 95 percent of men preferred women with another type of hair color than yours, you most likely would not replace your hair color for this reason.

Well, maybe you would, but women that are many wouldn’t even think of it.

What if most men wanted overweight women, and you’re thin? Would you get depressed over being fashionably slender and start stuffing yourself with pork chops and brownies? (more…)