Every question has a response. Or responses.

Every question has a response. Or responses.

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In determining elegibility for bankruptcy can there be a fundamental requirement such as owing a lot more than our yearly earnings? Many thanks

Many thanks for your e-mail. The essential demands to be entitled to seek bankruptcy relief are that any particular one must certanly be insolvent (not need the capacity to repay their debts), owe at the least $1000, and is A canadian resident or have carried out company in Canada within the previous 12 months, been a resident of Canada within the previous 12 months or have actually nearly all their assets in Canada.

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We very very very own 2 properties, 2 homes, we are now living in one and my moms and dads are now living in the 2nd one. The lease they pay me personally covers the land and mortgage fees with this home. When we would need to file for bankruptcy, would we need to offer the next home which just has perhaps 10000 in equity?

Brand New Brunswick February 21, 2020

Many thanks for the e-mail. If perhaps you were to file for bankruptcy, you’d maybe not have to offer either of one’s properties. (more…)